sábado, 27 de noviembre de 2010

Cranberries: Just my imagination

In this clip you can listen to this beautiful song.
Verbs are in the Past Simple tense, and you can listen to some "used to" expressions as well.

And now the Lyrics:

Activity: the London Tube

In the link I offer you below, you can read and listen to some information about the London Tube (it's only six minutes long!).

miércoles, 15 de septiembre de 2010


ENGLISH MONTESOL: THE MEANING OF LIFE: "Alba (3ºB)sent us this beautiful video. Thank you very much Alba. Enjoy it!"
We welcome our friends from Primary Education who have a brand-new teacher and blog.
The video is fantastic!

jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010

Marvin Gaye: Ain't no mountain high enough

This is a famous song used in commercials.
You can read the lyrics and listen to the song.
They use adjective+ enough.
You can also find a first conditional sentence: