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clic on ANA'S NAME to read her dialogue.


-Hello, Ivan
-What are you waiting for?
-I´m waiting for the bus. I need go to the doctor
-Oh. Why?
-I´m felt very bad yesterday and I don´t feel good today
-Oh. Do you need my help?
-No, thanks. My mum is coming now. She goes to buy some water for my in this shop
-Ok. Your mum is coming so, goodbye. I go to my house to have the homework and the English work of this week.
-Wait. What homework?
-Of math, the exercises of page twelve and thirteen.
-Oh no. I lost my notebook and the books are in the school
- I´m feeling very bad now. Thanks for tell me the homework.
- Nothing. Bye bye and very lucky in the doctor, ok?
-Ok, thanks. Bye


- Hi, Carlos. Where are you going?
- Hi Yoli, I'm going (I am going) to school.
- On saturday? What are you studying?
- I'm studying the Italian language.
- Really? Why? will Youl travel to Italy?
- Yes Yoli, my family will travel to Rome in summer. We'll (We will) going to visit my grandparents.
- Thats so nice. Your family is from Italy?
- Yes, They come America around 30 years ago.
- And where are living your grandparents?
- They are living in Spinaceto, near Rome.
- Thats lovely. Will you take me some photos?
- Of course, I'll take you a lot of pictures, also I'll send it to you by email.
- OK, Carlos, thanks. Now run, you're going late.
- Bye, Yoli. See you later.
- Bye.


Samuel              Where’s my blue shirt?
Samuel’s wife    No time to iron it. Today was very bad day.   
Samuel              I mean you didn’t have to iron? If you were at home all day!
Samuel’s wife    Look, Samuel, I was home all day, but today I had a lot of    
Samuel              Doing what? I work out all day so that there is food on the   
                         table, while you spend here watching the TV novels.
Samuel’s wife    Are you crazy? You have no idea what it’s to manage a
                         Household, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and care for 
                         children above!
Samuel              Words, just words! Of all the people I know, you’re the one 
                         with the most comfortable life. You still have to learn what 
                         it’s to work seriously.
Samuel’s wife    Of course! You do know, I guess! Sitting in the office all   
                         day, unless you take clients to eat a good restaurant or 
                         when you go golfing with the boss. Then you come in the 
                         afternoon and start watching TV while I clean and scrub 
                         the hause, right? You simply umbearable!


Santi: Hi Rubén
Rubén: Hi Santi
Santi: What do you doing?
Rubén: I lost my sunglasses.Do you help me,please?
Santi: Oooh yes! Where do you lost your sunglasses
Rubén: In the beach…
Santi: Ooh! In this place is impossible.Sorry Rubén.
Rubén: Don`t worry. I will buy a new sunglasses,after,in the shopping centre.Thanks Santi.
Santi: You`re welcome.
Rubén: Bye.
Santi: Bye.

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